@matthewbogart I don’t know what’s worse, the gendering or the fact that they, at least so I assume, want 14 USD for a book full of empty comic panels.

@yellowjitsch @matthewbogart well, you were looking for print or sticker ideas for your next comic con. Clearly providing individual sad blank comic panels in a wide variety of genders is where the real money is.

@snail_crumble @pauljholden Thanks. That's kind of you. I wasn't really looking, it just showed it to me as an ad and made me upset.

@matthewbogart the “for boys” part makes me want to claw my fucking eyes out.

@MrTylerCrook HOW CAN IT BE FOR BOYS? It's sheets of paper with panel borders drawn on them! How can that POSSIBLY NOT be for EVERYONE?

@matthewbogart Rectangles have a storied history of being for boys. See also: Lego.

And, you know, it makes sense, biologically, because the male body is more rectangular in shape than the female body and it also resembles the box truck which is generally driven by a household's primary breadwinner, who again is traditionally

Sorry I can't finish this with a straight face but I'm sure you get the idea.

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