I’m going to do a chill while I draw a new page. I think we’ll finish watching the old movie we started the other day if you want to stop by.


Some of today's drawing progress on a new comic I'm doing just for mailing list subscribers and Patrons. This is fun.

That was a fun Livestream. Thanks, folks, for stopping by! Some nice progress was made on the next page.

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Thoughts on Andor 

I think Andor may be my favorite show this year. What an incredible turnaround for Star Wars. One I've been waiting for just about my entire life.

If you've seen the whole series channel "Just Write" did a good video of the politics of it. youtube.com/watch?v=2gnKDSPBcb

A page from the rare “lost issue” of my comic “Incredible Doom”. This issue was removed from the cannon when we were picked up by Harper Collins. Only patrons got to (and still can) read it.

So, I just moved to a new Mastodon instance because, well ... a while ago see... I got this domain name...

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