I’m going to do a chill while I draw a new page. I think we’ll finish watching the old movie we started the other day if you want to stop by.



Whee! I’ve logged 58 films in Letterboxd in 2022! Here are some favorites.

1. The Banshees of Inisherin
2. Everything Everywhere All at Once
3. Wakanda Forever
4. Glass Onion.

1. Cabaret
2. Rebecca
3. Odd Man Out
4. The Worst Person in the World
5. The Handmaiden
6. The Innocents
7. The Miseducation of Cameron Post
8. BlowOut
9. West Side Story
10. Capote

1. Barry Lyndon
2. Fargo
3. The Shawshank Redemption
4. Badlands
5. Jesus’ Son


I'm prone to occasional debilitating tension headaches.

If I catch the symptoms early enough, I can sometimes stop them from getting awful by doing various things, including massage, hydrating, and eating.

This is why, at 6 AM this morning, I suddenly had to run out and get a big delicious breakfast—poor me.

is a #Webcomic (or #GraphicNovel) about being young in a small town on a fictional island in the #Mediterranean in the late 18th century and doing #friendship and being terrified by #pirates.

As of this posting, there are 71 pages ready to enjoy
here: tonycliff.ca/blog/category/Del
or here: delilahdirk.com/dd4/dd4-p0.htm
…with more going up every week!


🎂 ICYMI: Break Into Chat, my #retrocomputing website, turned 10 on Monday.


💾 Ten years of interviewing #BBS door game authors, unearthing lost #software, writing about #retrocomputing history, and much more!

I was just reading through @pluralistic’s latest thread, sending the reading links he includes to pocket where they will be synched to my kobo for later - when I realised another fundamental difference from Fowlsite. Masto has become a major source of learning for me in the way Twitter *was* but hasn’t been for years. Interesting people giving me jumping off points into culture I would struggle to find on my own.

Thank you for these! Also, your new profile illustration is great!

Spreading the word that Conundrum Press’s deadline for the annual $1000 MINICOMIC BURSARY FOR BLACK AND INDIGENOUS CREATORS is at the end of this month. (This is where I work). This applies to developing and emerging artists living in colonial Canada.

Get all the details here (and please share!): conundrumpress.com/bursary-for

#BlackMastodon #IndigenousMastodon #TurtleIsland #Canada #ArtistsOfMastodon #Comics

Jesse and I are meeting tonight. I’m sitting on the sofa waiting for him to get off work like pup waiting for it’s owner to come home.

Found a very good iPhone bug: highlight the 🇵🇪 Peru flag emoji and choose “Look Up” from the contextual menu. Surprise Pikachu!

@arpcomics ah! I see. I think you could accomplish the same thing, having some blog posts rendered differently on the homepage and “pinned“ to the top, using the “featured post“ flag in ghost. But it’s a bit of a pain. i’ve been considering it for my own blog, but I’d have to edit my theme to accomplish it and I’m not great at web design.

@arpcomics @phil That's cool. I think I might try Ghosts paid memberships feature on my next thing. It's been working pretty well integrating with Patreon on my blog. Just curious, I didn't use post types when I was on Wordpress. What would a comics post type be used for?

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