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For those that don’t know, the platform stopped using the term “toots” in November.

I bring it up because I’ve heard multiple people hold up the term “toots” as a reason they think mastodon is not for them.

I’d love it if those folks knew it’s not Mastodon that calls them toots. It’s some mastodon users that do, just because they like it.

Tooting not required.

Cannot reiterate this enough:

PLEASE don’t request refunds from Apple for any unused time on your Twitterrific or Tweetbot subscriptions.

It could literally bankrupt small shops like these.

Oh, and if you're using the official Mastodon web client, I highly recommend checking out It's very good and they're releasing new improvements almost every day.

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If you're on iOS and not in the Ivory beta, or just want a free/open-source alternative, Ice Cubes is a great Mastodon client. After rejecting it from the App Store for nonsensical reasons, Apple finally approved the app today after @gruber wrote about it. It's definitely worth trying.

App Store:

I'm gonna get my media calendar project up and running again on the Fediverse!

For every day of the year, I share at least one significant date or event happening in a movie, television show, or game. Sometimes it's mentioned directly, sometimes it's shown on screen, sometimes clever people have deduced the date.

Give it a follow here: @todayonscreen

Earlier this year, I became aware of STANDARD EBOOKS, a donation-dependent group of edtiors and layout experts who have been doing the amazing work of taking out-of-copyright books, turning them into top-quality ebooks, and then releasing them for free.

Some of the books they've done are in the Internet Archive here:

They're seeking 75 patrons in December to keep themselves afloat, consider donating to this amazing cause.

#protip I always tell art students working on their #comics to
1: Identify the most important part of every panel.
2: Lure the eye there. One very effective way is to make it the point of highest contrast.

Here's a great photo posted by Kaleb Horton on twitter that demonstrates how this works.

If you like deep dives into the comics-making process, I just shared a video for patrons that goes through every moment of drawing my last comic, with commentary about how I do my work.

I've been posting a TON of stuff over there recently, including a step-by-step of the creation of my next big comic. Join us.

Often times I think I want to buy a new game console when I really just want a new game.

We started doing interviews recently to get real-life stories that might inform @churl and my next comic, and gosh, is it exciting!

I love this part. I love this part! I love this part!

People lead lives that are so much more complex and interesting than what we dream up.

By popular request, @waxy is now officially on Mastodon! Follow for interesting links and the occasional long-form post from yours truly.

Looking to connect socially and professionally with women and nonbinary folks in iOS! Especially if you’re brown, queer, genderqueer, or otherwise marginalized.

Please boost for reach 💜

I’m building out a Plex library of my favorite movies, albums, and audiobooks and it feels like arranging all my toys on a shelf when I was little.

Stepping back and looking at everything thinking “Oh look how nice you all look in a little row!”

After last week's lessons, Alexandra and her mother negotiate their conflicting expectations for her life with patience and grace.

it's this week's

#Comics #GraphicNovel #Family #Conflict #Teens

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